Housekeeping Expectations Seminar


There will be a mandatory seminar after I come home from work this evening, we will looking at the current condition of our den, assigning tasks, and brainstorming potential solutions. If you have any questions about just why this seminar is being held, please refer to the attached photo.

Refreshments may or may not be served.  This is entirely dependent on your attitudes.

bathroom ettiquette class

Tentatively scheduled for January 2, 2016

This will be the first in a series of ettiquette classes we'll be offering and we're very excited about it!  There's no charge for this series of classes.  But do please bring your dog's favorite snack and a mat for naptime, as this is an all day seminar.  Owners are required to stay and participate. Please bring a beverage (alcohol is encouraged) as well as snacks to share during the break. There are 3 bathrooms in this house, so there's plenty of space for everyone.

Planned curriculum: letting your owner poop in peace, sticking your head in the shower is rude, nothing in the bathroom cabinets is edible, and my personal favorite - the toilet is not a water bowl.

What a great way to start the new year!


Sorry to say that The Bath for Steve event has to be postponed.  After the impromptu "Let's go to the vet part 2" event that took place earlier today,  no one in the household feels up to hosting The Bath.  

I will, however, be holding a "Let's recover from "let's go to the vet part 2" mini event.  It's a small bottle of Patron, and there's already a bit gone, so if you'd like to join me you'd best hurry.

Possible rescedule

The Bath for Steve" event originally planned for December 12 may have to be rescheduled due to the unexpected addition of another event today.  If time and energy level (mine) allow, The Bath will go on as planned with all the scheduled fun activities involved.  This all depends on  the new event going well, and if I'm in the mood to devote an entire day to dog fun.

If anyone cares to attend the unexpected event, you are more than welcome!  We'll be taking Sam to the vet to have his ear rechecked and his new injuries assessed.  The previous "Let's go to the vet!" extravaganza was a huge success.  Everyone who attended had a marvelous time! And by everyone, I mean Sam and I.  There will be the usual features of getting Sam into and out of the car and getting him into the office, but this time we'll be adding a level of difficulty since he knows the ropes and can be counted on to cooperate even less than usual!  Think about how much fun it would be to wrestle 100+ pounds of dog!!  

Come!  Join us!!  It is guaranteed to be a fun fulled event!!  

No reservations are necessary!  Just show up (please, someone, anyone)!!

A bath for Steve

This is scheduled for December 12 and space is limited so make your reservations early!  Steve is starting to smell pretty bad, almost moldy so the bath is much needed.  This will be his first inside bath so it's guaranteed to be exciting.  Attendees will have the opportunity to enter a raffle!  The lucky winners will get a chance to actually do the shampooing and rinsing!! One lucky winner will have the chance to get Steve into the tub!  This may become a bi-monthly event if it goes well.  If it goes badly, this might be your only chance to attend.  Hope to see you there!!

Please note:  should it become necessary for me to get in the tub with Steve to make this event happen, we'll have to cancel.  No one need to see me involved in naked bathtub wrestling.

Monthly budget meeting

Open to the public!  Donations gleefully accepted at the door!  Refreshments will be served!


Brunch 12/5/2015

Don't worry if you've missed this event, it takes place every Sunday around 9am. No reservations necessary, but do call if you plan on stopping by so that I can put a bra on.  This is a b.y.o.b (bring your own bowl) event. Ample floor space is available

Let's go to the Vet!

Sam has to see the vet today for his nasty ear.  Anyone would would like to volunteer to take him please contact me.  This activity promises to be loads of fun!!  Planned activities include getting in the car, walking on a leash into the office, letting the vet look in your ear, and much much more!  This should be an action filled time, don't miss out, we won't be holding an event like this anytime soon.  Unless of course it can't be avoided.

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