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Email Sep. 2, 2021


I am so glad you started this again. I look forward to the minutes of the most recent meeting.

Email May. 22, 2017


I'm so happy that you've resumed the letters 💖

Email May. 14, 2017

Terri Johnson

I'm so glad you are back!! You got a cat!! Look forward to more updates, I miss your face!

Email May. 2, 2016


Beth, I am sorry for you. I think you tried to incorporate him into the pack but it didn't work. I am sure he wil be ready to meet you at the rainbow bridge with a ball in his mouth assuming he found it.

Email Apr. 13, 2016


I'm worried about your mental health right now😮do ALL your dog's need to live inside? Have some one come and build a nice kennel for the nice weather that is coming, you need some sleep! Send the roommate packing !

Email Mar. 21, 2016

an anonymous critic

I understand that Sam is greatly in need of R&R, but I think you sent the wrong dog away - now Beau and Peep will not their third musketeer, and Steve gets all the comforts of home - that Steve he is, that Steve he is, I do not like that Steve he is...

Email Mar. 11, 2016


What did you get yourself into now?

Email Mar. 4, 2016


I just read the phone blog. Here I am in a public place laughing my guts out. Thank you for this blog. We all need a good laugh now and then.

Email Feb. 29, 2016


I've missed your letters, enjoyed your photo album and I'm sorry about your brother? I'm guessing. Love you!

Email Jan. 28, 2016


Hi Beth! Would you consider doing house call therapy for other folks? I have a pup that doesn't understand the difference between mine and hers! Just asking.

Email Jan. 8, 2016

Concerned Adult Child of Yours

Mim, I expect Gene Simmons to be back on the tree next year, body parts missing and all - this is Saoirse and Irepani's commemorative first Christmas ornament!

Email Jan. 3, 2016

sister Mary

poor Sam, poor Alpha (especially the eye lashes part...) poor wieners, and poor Steve, but for entirely different reasons - I'm with Smith on finding a new job for Steve - something a little safer for Steve, but also safer for all the other tenants -sorry

Email Dec. 30, 2015


I absolutely love your dogs, your home, your stories and your sense of humor! I have an Anatolian Shepard, 2 Chihuahuas, 1 Australian Shepard, and a Pug ~ I can relate lol. Looking forward to more stories and photos!

Email Dec. 29, 2015

Mary the sister again

thought the dogs made the design in the carpet - was very impressed, until I realized the picture was about the blue stains, not the incredible scratching-in-a-pattern ability of the dogs - wow - either way...

Email Dec. 24, 2015

Kevin Ashwill

Dear Lord Beth this is just way to funny, can't wait for more meeting reports

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